Tingling And Numb Face – A Sign of TMJ Pain Disorder

Do you have those numbness in the face sensations? How about numb cheeks and forehead? If you frequently have these symptoms, chances are you have a disorder in the jaw joint area. This could mean TMJ pain but there are some other symptoms to look for. In any case, the general term for numbness and tingling in the face is referred to as neuropathy. How can we treat TMJ pain that causes face numbing?

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Symptoms of TMJ Numbness

Treatment for TMJ

First, you need to know if TMJ disorder is the main cause of your numbness in the cheeks. How do we find out? You can evaluate your jaw joint alignment. Check out if you have teeth gaps that may alter the natural alignment of your jaw. This may cause your entire jaw to press on the joint just beside your ears, irritating the nerves.

Second, you may consult a dentist to see if you have TMD or temporo-mandibular disorder. The TMD dentist specialist will recommend the use of a facial x ray to confirm that your jaw is indeed misaligned. Some dentists will recommend the use of a dental appliance called dental splint.

Lastly, you may temporarily take Vitamin B complex which is very good for numbness. Vitamin supplements for numbness may reduce the uncomfortable feeling that you experience. This will give you enough home treatment to control those tingling and creeping sensation on the face. However, it is still a good thing to consult a physician or dentist if the cheek numbing lasts for a week or more.

Other Symptoms of TMJ

What other symptoms may accompany face and cheek numbness due to TMJ disorder? You may experience locked jaw, pain when opening your mouth, pain beside your ears when chewing, numbness from the shoulders to the legs and numb lips.

If numbness occurs frequently and lasts for more than a week, you should consult a professional right away. Aside from TMJ, one may experience numbness in the face if he has underlying symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Stress or Parkinson’s Disease.

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